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about us


Our church community has around 1,725 Reformed church members in the two political communities of Menziken and Burg.

Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Bible, is our foundation. We want to listen to him, follow him and proclaim his gospel in word and deed. His love should be visible among us.

All Protestant-Reformed residents of Menziken and Burg are members of our parish.

All members who have reached the age of 16 are entitled to vote – regardless of their nationality.

In concrete terms, this means that you can participate in the elections of the church administration, the representatives in the synod, in a possible parish election and in votes carried out by the parish. They also have the right to speak and vote at the twice-yearly parish meetings. At these meetings, questions of church life are dealt with, elections are held and the accounts and the budget are passed. You will receive the invitation to the parish meeting as an insert in the newspaper "reformiert.".

These rights were not created for an anonymous institution, but for you as a church member. We are therefore pleased if you make use of it with suggestions, criticism and participation. In this way our church becomes a church for all. We look forward to your thoughts and participation.

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