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Baby-Taufe Zeremonie


The baptized are part of the worldwide community of all Christians, they are promised the blessing of God. When a child is baptized, parents and godparents promise to raise their child in the freedom of the Christian faith. Membership in a Christian denomination is a prerequisite for sponsorship. The baptisms take place in a Sunday service. Please arrange a suitable date in good time with the pastor, telephone: 062 771 76 56 . Once a year we invite all baptismal families to a joyful memorial service. The children of the Sunday school participate in the celebration.


Confirmation usually takes place in the 9th school year, on Palm Sunday. It is the conclusion of church instruction at the end of compulsory schooling.
Confirmation is a blessing celebration for young people who are on the threshold of growing up. In doing so, they become responsible members of the church with the right to vote and the opportunity to take on a church office and become gods or gods.

If you have any questions about confirmation, please contact the parish office,
062 771 76 56 at your disposal.

Jugendliche im Park
Kirchliche Hochzeit


On your big day, we would be happy to celebrate a special service with you and your guests.
Couples who want to get married in our parish should contact Pastor Mario Gaiser as early as possible

062 771 76 56 or at the secretariat 062 771 30 13 .

There you will receive information about the reservation of the church and the further preparations for the wedding.


Our pastor is happy to accompany you on your deathbed and in your bereavement.
In the event of a death, please contact the Parish Office.

Menziken & Burg Tel

062 765 78 70

There, the place and time of the abdication will be determined with you. To prepare for the funeral service, please make an appointment to speak to the pastor on 062 771 76 56 .

The abdication usually takes place in the cemetery chapel, but also in the church if the family so wishes.

Tau auf Herbstlaub
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