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Church Lessons

The aim of offering church instruction is to make it easier for children to access the Christian faith today. By encountering the message of the Bible, by talking about questions about the meaning of life, by experiencing church services and community, the aim is to awaken the interest and joy in young people to work for a lively church community.

The main focus of church instruction is in the middle school level. Selective internships and preparation for confirmation follow in the upper school. This usually takes place on Palm Sunday. The celebration of church services is part of the "ecclesiastical course of instruction" at all age levels.

Church instruction is an offer. It is up to the parents to register their children for these classes. This takes place as part of a parents' evening, to which you are invited whenever your child reaches the age for a new class.

Social deacon Romina Lee ( 079 713 27 08 ) or Pastor Mario Gaiser ( 062 771 76 56 ) will be happy to answer your questions about the "Church Instruction Path".


according to the written request

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