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In 1890 the neo-Gothic style church was inaugurated. Its length is 36 meters and width is 15 meters. There is space for 350 people. The tower height is 45 meters. The ringing consists of six bells. The organ was built by the Goll company in Lucerne. The pulpit was built in the late Gothic style, as do the church windows.

1926 - 1927 an interior renovation took place.

In 1934 - 1935 the neo-Gothic exterior decorations were removed.

1974 - 1976 a thorough interior and exterior renovation took place.

In 1913 the current vicarage was built.

In 1965 the parish hall was inaugurated. A renovation took place in 1986/1987.

In 1988 the 100-year anniversary of the independence (replacement from Reinach) took place.

In 2015 we are celebrating "125 years of the Church" with various events.

More information and photos of the Menziken church can be found on the website documenting all reformed churches in Aargau ( here ) or on a direct link to the history of the church ( here ).

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