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subsidy account

​About three years ago we started our family church work, for which there is actually hardly any budget item.
The subsidy account provides the Ref. parish of Menziken - Burg with additional financial resources to enable activities related to the family church.

So far, the following measures have been taken within the family church work:
• Children's weeks
• #148 Family Worship Services
• Musicals
• Felting creative courses such as breakdance or fairy lights
• Christmas crafts
• Youth Alpha Course
• Café ErlebBar etc.

The family church should be supported in new and ongoing projects with the purchase of materials or support from outside specialists.
It may also be possible to consider employing a person on a part-time basis or for specific assignments later on.

donation account

​The subsidy account is an investment in the future of our family church community.

Thank you for everything you donate to the support account. The donations are tax deductible.

Bank: Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG, 5600 Lenzburg
IBAN: CH52 0830 7000 2602 9601 5
In favor of: Menziken-Burg Reformed Church, Kirchstrasse 20, 5737 Menziken
Purpose of payment: subsidy account or more precise definition



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